Baby Boy’s Not Happy

Since Easter Sunday night when Hugo spiked a fever he hasn’t been happy.  Needing Mummy ALL THE TIME.  This was tolerable when visiting with mum and dad where there were other people to prepare food, entertain the pre-schooler, hang out washing etc.  But back home on my own it’s not fun!  However today a rash appeared on his torso so now I think that the virus has broken and it will be all better tomorrow.  Wishful thinking helps right?

Don’t panic it’s not a bad rash, Dr Marnie determined this through Dr Google this morning.  I have diagnosed Roseola, all the symptoms match and he’s not that unwell just really cranky if I dare to separate him from me.

Thank goodness for breast feeding and baby carriers.  He has been attached to me in either form for most of today.

Thank goodness also for potatoes, it’s all he’s eaten for about 4 days (despite us offering other yummy food too).  Sadly in the middle of all this he has discovered the talent for moving his arm to the side of the high chair and dropping the food that he doesn’t want.  He doesn’t even care to look at the food to see where it lands, just looks straight ahead.  Maybe when he feels better this trick will disappear!

Poor Hugo is so miserable.  Somehow it seems more real when there is a physical sign like a rash rather than just general crankiness.  He’ll be better tomorrow and we’ll have a fun day in the sun, I hope.


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