Mother’s Day Reflections

I rather like the idea of Mother’s Day.  The spoiling, the taking over of mummy’s jobs, the breakfast in bed and the homemade craft.  It’s rather nice to have a day where my job is acknowledged.  It’s nice to have a day to reflect on the wonderful job that our mother’s did!

I don’t like the extreme commercialisation of the day because I really don’t need to be told that I need a fluffy dressing gown or chocolates.  But I do like enjoying taking a day to thank Mothers.

To those whose mothers aren’t with you I’m thinking of you. And those who are struggling to be mamas. And to those who don’t have a good relationship with your mother I’m thinking of you too.

I had delicious heart shaped pancakes and wonderful coffee for breakfast.

Eva and Hugo presented me with a hand and foot print craft that Daddy had lovingly created with them when I was out last weekend.  Aren’t they clever?

We had lunch out and Andrew took care of dinner and I didn’t touch any dishes ALL day which is just heaven to me.  I shared a little of my journey in faith specifically related to Eva’s birth at our church in the morning.  The sermon was about following Jesus, especially in times of suffering.  I was honoured to be interviewed by Rod and pleased to share our story.  Eva was in the service with us (normally she is in Sunday School in a separate room) and a little confused as to why photos of her where on the big screen.  I always find this sharing part of the healing process.  And as always it’s great to remind ourselves about how blessed we are by the grace that God showed through Eva’s journey.

I have to admit though that the most enjoyable part of the day was sitting by the fire with a glass of wine while the children were sleeping!  Is that bad?  I was happy in the knowledge that I felt very loved and appreciated while simultaneously the children were peaceful and angelic, a win all round I feel.

Last Wednesday Eva’s pre-school invited us for a Mother’s Day morning tea. The class sung 5 very cute songs and then we shared cake and water outside.  We were presented with a  framed picture and a keyring with a photo and thumbprint.  It was delightful.

Gifts made by Eva at Pre-School

Thank you to Andrew for dealing with all the messy faces, nappy changes, cooking duties and dishes!  And a special thank you to him for being such a vital part of my mothering journey.

The best photo to choose from – cheeky 3-year-old!


One thought on “Mother’s Day Reflections

  1. Hi there! I was one of the people who saw Eva’s face flash up on thr screen on Sunday and I was really encouraged by your sharing. 🙂 I googled to try find your blog and here I am! 🙂 I look forward to getting to know you here and I’m sure I’ll bump into you at church too. 🙂

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