The Show

This evening Hugo and I were treated to a performance by the very talented Eva.

Eva asked us to come and see her show in her bedroom.  We were also joined by a crowd of enthusiastic soft toys just waiting to have a purpose to their day and thrilled to have such comfy seats on the pillow.

The show started with a harmonica solo


It quickly moved onto balancing on one leg, practicing the tree pose

Jumping up in the air

There was a repeat harmonica solo

And it finished with some hopping practice

It was a fun interlude between dinner and a bath.  There have been lots of shows lately and it is gorgeous to watch.  A special treat at kinder (pre-school) today was that the teacher had set up a stage with dress ups so I imagine that it was popular today.

There has been lots of jumping lately which make a special noise on the wooden floor boards.  Maybe Eva needs some dancing or gymnastics next term?

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