Hugo’s New Trick

We have a toddler.  Hugo has been enjoying showing us his new talent  over the past few days.  Gradually over the past week he has gained confidence and every day has taken a few extra steps and let go of his secure object more often.

Today, with an audience at Birthday Lunch at his Gran and Pop’s house, he really enjoyed perfecting his skill.  Hugo went from walking 6 steps between two people to walking just by himself between anything without anyone watching!  He is loving practicing and has improved so much just this afternoon.  Already Hugo can turn around, change direction and balance for a few seconds.  He also loves carrying something, maybe it helps with his counter balancing.

What a special treat to see our little boy growing up so quickly and enjoying his new talent.

Hugo’s New Toddling


In Awe of Her

Sometimes I look at her and am in awe of what she has achieved.  Sometimes I don’t give her the respect that she deserves for that either.

She will always be different and unique due to the journey that she has travelled in her short life. Nature or Nurture: did her personality shape her journey or did her journey shape her personality?  We will never know.

She reached 10x her birth weight before her second birthday. That’s a lot of energy spent on growing. She worked hard for every gram.

She will always be a 25 weeker, one that has successfully survived and thrived. For that we are truly thankful and give glory to God for her.

Today, while baking together, I was cutting just 50g off a 500g block of butter.  Suddenly I was caught by surprise by the fact that at birth she was just a little heavier than 1.5 blocks of this butter.

Yesterday she drew our family complete with arms and legs for the first time.  In the days of labour while I waited to give birth I prepared myself for saying goodbye to my child.  I didn’t let myself imagine that she would be a 3.5 year old.  It was too painful.  Yet here she is living life to the full.

I am so thankful for her and need to remind myself how blessed we are daily.  Today she isn’t well with a mysterious fever, the theme of winter for us.  I have relished the extra snuggles with my little girl who is enjoying her pyjama day.


A Lovely Time Together

As a surprise for my birthday Andrew took a few days of annual leave to spend together as a family enjoying life.  It was so exciting to ditch my plans for the day and have a spontaneous family outing.

I didn’t prepare meals or do dishes for days which, as any mother knows, is a big blessing and relief.

We went for a bike ride to a playground on my new (to me) bike.  Andrew and Eva made a delicious carrot cake where they had lots of fun in the process. Eva is really into every part of the cooking right now even the carrot grating!  They had fun in their matching aprons.  


We went out to lunch at a delicious cafe at CERES with a huge play space for Eva to explore while we sat outside very rugged up in the cold wind but there was lovely sunshine.

We explored some new places to shop for bulk food and although this doesn’t sounds fun it was very inspiring to make plans for skipping supermarkets in the near future.  These shopping investigations are much easier with one adult per child!

Eva and Andrew also made me a  lovely card which was a beautiful blessing.  They raided my card making supplies and Eva chose all the components for the card and made it with the help of Daddy. She then drew a picture of me on the inside (she has just started drawing people).

On my birthday I went to MOPS and was sung to as I forgot that the friendly hospitality mum has a birthday list. Here I was thinking that it would go under the radar!  In the afternoon I was treated at High Tea at The Windsor with my cousin Emma which was just divine and so filling.

It continued the next day with a delicious birthdays dinner celebrating both Andrew and I at a Japanese restaurant with a grill in the middle of the table to cook our food on.  Fun but a little warm.  Andrew then took me to a past favourite hang out which was lovely.

Andrew’s five days off found us all rejuvenated and rested even though and especially because we didn’t travel anywhere, we just enjoyed life together.  There were lots of moments of joy found in just doing the ordinary things.  With more time just to sit and enjoy play at home and at playgrounds.  Lots of opportunity to use the fireplace in the lounge room and enjoy the warmth.  Eva and Hugo certainly enjoyed five Daddy Days in a row.