Celebrating Something Special

I am blessed to have had the opportunity for a beautiful breastfeeding relationship with both Eva and Hugo.  

Breastfeeding is so important to me for many reasons.  I am a very determined milk maker… I couldn’t carry them to term, I couldn’t birth them right, I couldn’t even be the first to hold and touch them, but I could do something no one else could. I make breastmilk just for them. 

It has been such a wonderful way of bonding with my children and giving them some amazing food that’s free and very portable.

Hugo is feeding about four times a day and more if he’s grumpy and needs some slowing down and cuddle time.  Being a toddler he’s a bit of a distracted feeder now and gone are the days of me catching up on reading.   Instead he and I had quiet time together, usually with a small toy in his hands.  That keeps them busy enough to avoid tugging on my hair which isn’t fun!

This week I joined in some fun with our local Australian Breastfeeding Association group.  We handed out celebratory cupcakes at our local hospital.  The ABA group is a place that I find a lot of support from like-minded people.

I hope that this year’s World Breastfeeding Week raises some awareness and offer support to those who want to feed their babies this way.  I can only pray that Hugo continues to share this special time with me for a while yet.