365 Grateful – 28 – 28th June

Afternoon Tea in the town of Battle, England, 28th June 2008

Afternoon Tea in the town of Battle, England, 28th June 2008

Today I am grateful for some sunshine here in Auckland.

I am grateful for lovely Skype time with Emma & Adele and also Bridget, Annie & Paddy where I can see how much the children are growing and changing.

I am grateful for Andrew catching an earlier flight home from Sydney.

I am grateful that five years ago we found out that we were expecting Eva while on holiday in the South of England.

365 Grateful – 27 – 27th June


27-2Today I am grateful for a pleasant visit to the toy library.

There was no one else there at the time which always makes it much easier to choose/control my children.

The trampoline should provide some good indoor energy burning for cold weather. I even managed to make the duplo hospital without instructions while we were waiting for a delayed dinner this evening.

365 Grateful – 25 – 25th June

25-1 25-2

Today I am grateful for a lovely morning with Hugo wandering our local shops and stopping for a snack.  An outing with one child is such a breeze!

playballI am grateful that Eva enjoys participating in Playball (ball skills program).  She was so proud to have won this week’s medal and described, with the detail of a 4-year-old, the activities of the session.

365 Grateful – 24 – 24th June


Today I am grateful that Eva is well enough to return to kindy this week and that she enjoyed herself so much.

Aunty Suzanne and Eva - July 2010

Aunty Suzanne and Eva – July 2010

I am grateful that my sister, Suzanne has had successful surgery on her painful hip today. We pray that this relieves her pain and that her recovery is smooth.

24-2I am grateful for our local independent bookshop who help with recommendations and then gift wrap our purchases.  Such good customer service!

365 Grateful – 22 – 22nd June


Today we are grateful for the chance to take our family photo thanks to a fellow traveller Gary who gifted us a tripod way back in 2008.


I am grateful for a care package of paper products that arrived today from my lovely friend Gabriel.


We are grateful for the kindness of neighbours who dropped off these goodies to celebrate St Alban’s (our street name) feast day.  Isn’t that so lovely?

365 Grateful – 21 – 21st June

21st-1 21st-2Today I am grateful for lots of things!

I am grateful for early morning snuggles for these two cute cherubs.

21st-3 21st-4Today I am grateful for a new hat for Eva lovingly knitted by a very talented friend.  Thank you Jenna.

21st-5 21st-6 21st-7Today I am very grateful for sunshine and the energy to enjoy for the first time in days.

Today I am grateful for getting our hands dirty and welcoming house plants to clean our air.  We must be settling in if house plants are appearing!

Today I am very grateful for God providing me with the perfect job.  Today I found out that I have a job with a commitment of just one weekend in four.  This gives me a return to work and the freedom to explore New Zealand on the other weekends.  I start in mid-July.  God is good!