365 Grateful – 61 – 31st July


Today I am grateful for the MOPS movie morning where I saw October Baby for the first time.  It was a bit challenging as it talked about survival of a 24-weeker which was when I went into labour with Eva.


I am also grateful for a cute little boy who just loved having the bath to himself this evening, feeding his duck and offering me cups of tea.

365 Grateful – 60 – 30th July


Today I am grateful for a relaxing day with my little man while his sister spent the day at kindy.  It is so lovely to have the time to watch the forklift in action for a delivery at the shops and the rubbish truck empty the bins in our street.  The guitar is a favourite at the moment.  Here he is just casually strumming (left hand) to the music that was playing.

I am also grateful for a great meeting with some lovely ladies to get the Bellyful Central Auckland branch up and running and to start delivering meals to those in need.

365 Grateful – 59 – 29th July

Today I am grateful for the excitement that Eva had this morning for the start of term 3 of kindy.

For the record she was very tired this afternoon and Hugo was asking where she was all day!


I am grateful for a bus ride by myself and the opportunity to read a book!


I am very grateful for date night with my gorgeous husband listening to a National Geographic Magazine photographer talk about his adventures and his passion for saving the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.  Nothing like amazing photos and great stories to make us want to travel again!

365 Grateful – 58 – 28th July

First DateToday I am grateful for a first date at a Sting concert 12 years ago and for takeaways tonight to celebrate.


58-1 58.1

I am also grateful for a drive around Auckland today and which included checking out some playgrounds on the way.  I feel like I should be investigating setting up a site like this one about Auckland playgrounds!

365 Grateful – 55 – 25th July


Today I am grateful for a sleeping boy with marker on his hands who MUST sleep with teddy, his keys and his phone.



I am also grateful for a trip to the playground at dusk when the natives were restless and dinner was already in the oven.  It was fun.



Hugo found a ball on the field and had so much fun with it

Hugo found a ball on the field and had so much fun with it

365 Grateful – 52 – 22nd July


Today we are all very grateful for Gran’s visit which ended today with a trip to the airport to say goodbye.  Apparently Poppa needed her back home so we had to let her go!

Thank you Gran for a fun time and for all the time you spent with Eva and Hugo.  They so enjoyed all the book reading, puzzle building, playgrounds and coffee shops.  I especially enjoyed the magical dishes disappearing act that happened in my kitchen the last 10 days!