365 Grateful – 92 – 31st August

Saturday Morning Pancakes

Yummy Saturday Lunch at Little Bird

A Neil Perry Chicken Tagine for Dinner

Today I am grateful for yummy food on a Saturday eaten together as a family.


365 Grateful – 90 – 29th August


Today I am grateful for Hugo’s help with unpacking the cutlery from the dishwasher and for the artful rearranging of the existing cutlery in the drawer also.


We are all grateful for the return of Daddy from a work trip.  This was on Eva’s bed for Daddy to find when he went to kiss her goodnight.  I think that I must be the missing person!


365 Grateful – 86 – 25th August


Today I am grateful for this wonderful view of The Remarkables from our hotel in Queenstown.  We enjoyed an amazing two days together in a beautiful town where we lived 10 years ago.


I am grateful for a delicious picnic lunch yesterday (in the boot of the car because of the icy wind off of the mountains)

86-3 86-4 86-5

I am grateful that we enjoyed some much needed outdoors time in a beautiful spot called Paradise


I am grateful that my husband got to have much fun driving through the river crossings on the drive to Paradise.


Not our actual meal! Photos from Botswana Butchery

I am grateful for an amazing dinner at Botswana Butchery.  We both enjoyed our exceptionally cooked meat and sides complimented by a delicious wine. It was all so good.

86-7 86-8 86-9

I am grateful for a day of Winter sunshine which found us enjoying a delicious lunch at our favourite winery, Mt Difficulty


I am grateful for plane travel without children.  Although it means that I left my husband in Queenstown for him to do some work it was such a joy to be on a flight without children.  Although I did keep thinking that I needed more things attached to me each time I left the plane!

Obviously I am grateful for all this uninterrupted time with my wonderful husband.  Can you tell that we love sharing good food and wine?

365 Grateful – 84 – 23rd August


Today I am grateful that while I was preparing dinner inside I got an invitation to “Dinner in the Cubbyhouse for my Birthday”!  As you can see the spread was very impressive and super tasty.


I am grateful for the arrival of my new skirt lovingly crafted by Jenna and gifted by Mum, Dad and Grandma for my birthday.  I can’t wait to wear it.  PS Skirts are rather tricky to take photos of!