Grateful 365 – 122 – 30th September


Today I am grateful for a cup of tea and a biscuit with my two cherubs to regroup after a day at work.


I am grateful for this huge craft-a-thon that Eva and Hugo went on today and a babysitter with patience and enthusiasm to supervise. Now to work out what to do with all these beautiful creations!

365 Grateful – 120 – 28th September


Today I am grateful for craft time with Eva.  It is such a lovely activity to share with her.
footy-1I am grateful for the ability  to watch the AFL Grand /final live in our lounge room as a family.  Eva was consistent with “Go Freo”.  Hugo alternated between “Go Freo” and “Go Hawks”, but both enjoyed the footy snacks (chips, cheese and crackers) on offer!

365 Grateful – 117 – 25th September

117-4 117-3 117-2 117-1

Today I am grateful for the rain that makes puddles that are so much fun to splash around in.


Today I am grateful for a successful first visit to the dentist for Hugo.  The photo is post visit with his balloon exploring the train set.


Today I am grateful for Eva choosing her nurse uniform for dress up day at kindy.  She even kept the hat and cape on all day and now wants to know why I don’t wear a cape when I go to work!

365 Grateful – 116 – 24th September


Today I am grateful for a successful dentist visit for Eva.  I am also grateful for dress up week at Kindy which meant that she was a very colourful fairy at the dentist.


I am grateful for this little boy who calmly fell asleep in his doorway this evening listening to Eva’s bedtime stories next door. (I didn’t even realise that he was up after putting him in bed)

365 Grateful – 115 – 23rd September


Today I am grateful that Eva wants to look at the book that we printed after writing Eva’s Story for the first 105 days of her life.  She is just so matter of fact about what she sees in there.

115-2 115-3

I am grateful for the joy found in hiding in boxes


I am very grateful for sibling cooperation at the playground today.

365 Grateful – 113 – 21st September


Today we are grateful that these two got up this morning and headed straight to play calmly and nicely together while we caught another few minutes of rest!  The joy of a new toy library train track.

113-3 113-2 113-1

I am grateful for the joy that this beautiful boy brings us especially today, on his two and half-year birthday!


I am grateful for a successful fundraising BBQ with a lovely group of ladies.  I am really enjoying my time with