365 Grateful – 243 – 31st January


Today I am grateful for a break from the box packing to go to the beach.  Eva requested a visit to the beach before starting school so we did that in the nice weather today.



Hugo is grateful for a big sister to push him along on the train at the playground.


Eva’s request list to do before starting school. All done.


I am grateful for picking up the keys to our new place and for Eva taking her school stuff there already!

365 Grateful – 240 – 28th January


Today I am grateful for a visit to the optician to check Eva’s eyes.  It seems that she is long sighted and will benefit from glasses for reading and doing close up work.  It was a long visit at the University clinic today but Eva did so well.  As always she was complemented for her ability to sit so still for examination and comply with all requests.  We may pick up the glasses as soon as Friday!

Taken later on February 4th

Taken later on February 4th

Taken later on February 4th

Taken later on February 4th

I am grateful for the enclosed, glass fronted play area at the eye clinic which meant that I ready the (up to date) magazines while my children played and I heard only muffled sounds.  Relatively peaceful.  I am also grateful for the ride on fire engine which Hugo sat on for 1.5 hours during the appointment.

365 Grateful – 237 – 25th January


Today I am grateful for lots of fun at the Waitomo Glow Worm Cave and Aranui Cave and a fun farmstay.


Photo courtesy of Waitomo Glowworm Caves

I am grateful for seeing magical glowworms in a cave and that no children fell into the water or broke any pieces of the cave.


I am grateful for a visit to the Aranui Cave to see some beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and even a few cave weta to Eva’s delight.

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I am grateful for a farm stay with a cute cottage, some deer, sheep and cows to visit, a lovely grass area to play on and large fields of corn to admire at sunset.