365 Grateful – 270 – 27th February


Today I am grateful for the cutest barista-in-training.

270-2I am grateful for this gardening helper who seems to prefer the watering job to any other gardening task.


I am praying for a day without contact with the concrete for Eva tomorrow after scrapes on 3 of the past 4 days.  I suggested that maybe she could slow down!

365 Grateful – 268 – 25 February


Eva with her doll who is the same weight as her lowest weight but bigger than her at birth.

Today I am grateful for this happy, healthy 5-year-old as another due date passes 3.5 months after celebrating her birthday.  We are so blessed.  God knew that we needed an extra 15 weeks to get to know her better.

Eva on her due date 25/2/09.

Eva on her due date 25/2/09. She had been home from hospital for 24 hours.

268-2I am grateful for Eva memorising books and reading them to Hugo.  Cute bedtimes.

365 Grateful – 264 – 21st February


Today I am grateful for a cleaning helper getting our pram ready for donation. Yesterday the cloth nappies were given away and tomorrow the pram gets donated.  It’s a new season around here!

264-2 264-3I am grateful for the sprinkler this afternoon on this hot Auckland day.


I am grateful for takeaway and time together heading into nine evenings apart due to both of our work commitments.