365 Grateful – 330 – 28th April


Today I am grateful for the fun of ice cream made with Liquid Nitrogen at our table as a super special treat.

330-1 330-2

I am grateful for Eva finding a friend, Sophia from Korea, in the waiting lounge at the airport to make the time pass quickly.



I am grateful for a safe arrival into Siem Reap in Cambodia and a dinner at the hotel with delicious food and local beer to prepare Andrew for all of his temple visits tomorrow.

365 Grateful – 329 – 27th April


Today I am grateful for a lovely beach to enjoy as a family and for Eva’s confidence in the waves.


I am grateful for a mummy-Eva date to have a pedicure together.  It was fun!


I am very grateful for a delicious and refreshing date lunch with Andrew while the children enjoyed Kids Club.  We enjoyed quiet time to chat, eat food in peace and sip wine while looking out to the beach.

365 Grateful – 326 – 24th April


Today I am grateful for the beautiful flowers here in the tropics and for finding Frangipani flowers to wear.

326-2 326-3 326-5

I am grateful for fun in the pool and for grandparents having pool time while we had a coffee.

I am grateful for an adventure to the tailor this morning to order some gorgeous hand-made clothes.

365 Grateful – 324 – 22nd April

Today I  am grateful for researching our travel insurance after Andrew left his camera behind in a taxi in Hanoi.

I am grateful for how calm Andrew remained and for the ease of reporting it to the police, talking to the insurance company and replacing the camera.

(For those of you who know Andrew’s passion for photography this was a rather stressful day)