365 Blessed – 28 – 30th June


Today I feel blessed to have enthusiastic children who insisted that I have a birthday cake even though it was a day late.  I lovely end to a satisfying day catching up after being away.

I feel blessed to have heard from Eva’s teacher that she is paralleling her peers and shows no sign of her premature birth in the classroom. We thank God every day for the miracle that is my feisty first born.

365 Blessed – 27 – 29th June

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Today I feel blessed by a birthday celebrated in Paradise (outside of Queenstown) inspecting the Dart River, throwing stones and going for a (cold) short hike.

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I feel blessed by yummy picnic birthday lunch hiding from the freezing wind in the back of the car and takeaway for dinner.

I feel blessed by the endless questions/conversations on the plane trip from two small people who power napped and thus had energy.  It reminded me where my daily word count goes… to answering the “why” questions.


365 Blessed – 26 – 28th June

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Eva playing musical chairs in the snow

Eva playing musical chairs in the snow

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Today I feel blessed to have had a lovely family day in Queenstown. We watched a magic show, visited the snow at Coronet Peak, went to a family festival to have the children’s face painted, did some ice skating and enjoyed Mexican food to finish off the day.

Now is for a rest and wine!

365 Blessed – 25 – 27th June

Today we were blessed with a gorgeous pink/purple sunrise from our hotel room balcony highlighting The Remarkables.

I was blessed at the children’s joy during time at the playground and rock skimming at Lake Wakitupu.

I was blessed to show Eva the hospital that I worked in and the house that I lived in 10 years ago.  It’s fascinating to watch her imagining life with Daddy but without her.

We were blessed to enjoy dinner at Winnies which may have been playing the same soundtrack as 10 years ago.

365 Blessed – 24 – 26th June

Today I was blessed with relatively smooth travelling with two children after leaving VERY early.

I was blessed to show the children the beauty of Queenstown (even though I would have liked more snow).

We were blessed to find a cafe that served us yummy food for us to enjoy.

I was blessed to enjoy a magical snow capped mountain view and to finish the novel, Burial Rites.

We were blessed to discover Snakes and Ladders in library at the hotel and to have a successful game with two small people.

365 Blessed – 23 – 25th June


Today I was blessed to have some fun shopping and hairdresser time this morning.

I feel blessed that we have enough tracks to have one each for these two cherubs who weren’t being very friendly to each other this afternoon.  Not long after this photo there was a very ugly incident involving both having some quiet time alone.


The Remarkables, Queenstown

The Remarkables, Queenstown

I feel so blessed that we will day to Queenstown tomorrow morning to catch up with Daddy while he is working and to show the children this magical place and snow for them for the first time.

365 Blessed – 21 – 23rd June


Today I was blessed to have lots of listening ears at SPACE with lots of people able to empathise about being in the same phase of life.

We were all blessed to go to the chiropractor and are now feeling much better.

I was blessed to share a meal with my husband this evening in between us both being away in the evenings for work.

I was blessed that Eva reminded me to stop and look at the beautiful sunset this evening.