365 Blessed – 58 – 30th July



Today I felt blessed by this cooking adventure where we made our favourite Chicken + Rice Muffins together.  He says “I am a good chef!”.

I felt blessed by playing outdoors throwing and kicking various balls, Hugo’s favourite activity.

I felt blessed to see Hugo enjoying his kindy sessions and Eva enjoying gymnastics today.

365 Blessed – 57 – 29th July

Rainbow, Ocean Shores, NSW, July 2014, by Bob and Ruth

Rainbow, Ocean Shores, NSW, July 2014, by Bob and Ruth

Today I felt blessed by a sleep in from my children, then heading straight home after the school run to create some cards, bake muffins, play outside and update spreadsheets.  It doesn’t sound great when I write it but it was a great day.

I felt blessed to be ringing three people who are interested in volunteering. God has really answered my prayers about new volunteers!

I felt blessed to have a long Skype chat with Andrew although he did have lots to tell me about how much he is traveling in August.

365 Blessed – 56 – 28th July


Today I feel blessed by sunshine and a day that improved as it went along.

I feel blessed by a group of women getting together and sharing life and people appreciating my morning tea.

I felt blessed by catching up with friends who started with me on my Bellyful journey a year ago and seeing their children as well.

I feel blessed by Skype that means that Daddy can share in the nightly readers routine with Eva even though he’s in Fiji.

365 Blessed – 53 – 25th July

Stony Bay Beach, Corromandel Peninsula, May 2014

Stony Bay Beach, Corromandel Peninsula, May 2014

Today I felt blessed by the time that Hugo and I spent outside kicking and throwing balls. There was so much giggling and falling over from Hugo and me just smiling and enjoying the (brief) sunshine.

I felt blessed by an evening with Andrew enjoying yummy food and wine all in the name charity, supporting Kitchen Battles for Cure Kids.

365 Blessed – 51 – 23rd July


Today I was blessed to see Hugo loving his new term of swimming lessons in the pool without me for the first time.  He was so confident and clever that he is moving to another class seeing as he seems to have learnt to float in the past two weeks.

51-6 51-5

Today I was blessed to see Eva enjoy her Gym Fun class after school today.  She really wanted to start gymnastics after coming for school sports last term.

I am blessed that the children played well with refreshed toy library toys and that Hugo enjoyed his second day at his new kindy.

365 Blessed – 50 -22nd July


Today I feel blessed that Hugo enjoyed starting at a new kindy and enjoying himself.  Of course he headed straight to the vehicles to play with and loved playing outside.  He even did artwork on his first day!

I felt blessed to have some time without children today even though I was doing chores I could do have whatever music I wanted in the car and no-one asked what’s happening or told me they were hungry for just a brief time.

Tonight I was blessed that Eva asked for me to sit next to her at the dinner table.  This never happens.