365 Blessed – 43 – 15th July

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Watching the Kea's get to their food

Watching the Kea’s get to their food


Attempting to remember the day with a reluctant Hugo


Everyone’s Looking!


Today the most amazing blessing was sunshine! Although I did want to go up to the people I saw in tshirts and shorts today and remind that it was actually only 14.

Today we were blessed by a day at the Zoo visiting lots of animals, participating in the treasure hunt, feeding Zabulu the Giraffe, listening to the keepers at the Macau and Kea exhibits all while enjoying lots of sunshine and being in no rush.


One thought on “365 Blessed – 43 – 15th July

  1. oh wow, that was fun day. we recently enjoyed the adelaide zoo too. we stayed in the old lion apartments and each morning we could hear all of the apes and orang-utans talking. we did think of andrew on bastille day. hope he is feeling better. i will try and Skype tomorrow afternoon or fri mid morning.

    Love suz

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