365 Blessed – 141 – 31st October


Today we were blessed to have cupcakes as a second breakfast seeing as they were freshly iced for the school bake sale!


I was blessed that these two enjoyed quiet colouring before our evening meal.  Maybe I should play classical music and light a candle every night if it’s this calm.


365 Blessed – 140 – 30th October

Hugo Cook

Today I feel blessed by the cutest sous chef helping to make choc chip biscuits today.

I feel blessed by Andrew’s safe travel to Windy Wellington on a very windy day.

I feel blessed by a much needed visit to the chiropractor for us all.

365 Blessed – 139 – 29th October

Bad photo but real camera is in for repair!

Bad photo but real camera is in for repair!

Today I felt particularly blessed by a hairdresser appointment including a lovely head massage and a hot cup of tea.

I feel blessed by a date with my daughter this afternoon.  Quality time is definitely her love language.

I feel blessed by the children gobbling up a new recipe at dinner tonight.  Yay!

I feel blessed by the kindness of Gran who hand wrote a card for Eva to collect from the mailbox today.  Snail mail is so much fun.

365 Blessed – 138 – 28th October

Today I was blessed by a slow day at home with Hugo pottering around making train tracks and reading lots of books.

Today I was blessed to hear Eva and Hugo enthusiastically tell us about their day at School/Kindy.

Today we were blessed by Andrew arriving home from a trip to Hamilton to enjoy family dinner together.

365 Blessed – 137 – 27th October


Today Hugo was blessed to sit in the driver’s seat of a boat on the property of the bach we were staying at.  They were trying to clean the boat and Hugo decided to join in.


We were blessed by a stop at Sheep World on the drive back to take a break from sitting in traffic.

We were blessed by a safe return to Auckland where the children headed straight to the train tracks to begin building and Andrew made a yummy roast and we had an early night.

I feel blessed by a lovely weekend away, enjoying family time, sunshine and lots of sleep.

365 Blessed – 136 – 26th October

We were blessed by a fabulous night’s sleep, one of the benefits of so much beach play.


Today we were blessed by a morning of sunshine to run along the beach.


We were blessed by a fun game of Monopoly.


We were blessed by another afternoon at the beach where Andrew dug a giant hole and then they buried him!

Hugo has been blessed by his bulldozer which he has spent so much time pushing up and down the beach.

I feel very blessed by yummy food and delicious wine throughout the day.

365 Blessed – 132 – 22nd October

Traveler DC 140 Traveler DC 140

Today I was blessed to see Eva’s creativity in action at the Annual Junior School Flower Show.  I was blessed to see her so proud of her vegetable elephant and flower saucer.

We were blessed to speak to Daddy, Nanny & Grandpa and Gran & Pop on Skype to show off Eva’s talents.

I was blessed to see the excitement of new toy library toys and of Hugo enjoying a return to kindy.