365 Blessed – 171 – 30th November

flowers-5Today I feel blessed by children who played outside in the sunshine for most of the day allowing me to get the house ready for leaving.

I feel blessed by yummy leftovers all day saving cooking and for washing drying!

I feel blessed by Andrew being able to chat so often on Skype.  It’s really intriguing Eva that he is 12 hours behind us.

Today I

365 Blessed – 169 – 28th November

Today I feel blessed by Hugo having a smooth and enjoyable swimming lesson with no tears!

I feel blessed by Eva’s last day of school and her collecting all her stuff ready for me seeing as we are heading to Australia on Monday.

I felt blessed by lots of Skype time this evening.

I feel blessed by the handing over of my voluntary role for a restful break.

I feel blessed by an on time tradesman to replace a broken window.

365 Blessed – 168 – 27th November

Photo on 27-11-14 at 09.14

Today I feel blessed by these two card making together while both home resting after another night of coughing, runny noses and wheezing.

I feel blessed to receive our camera back from repair 4 hours before Andrew’s departure!

I feel blessed to have Andrew home for lunch and to spend time with us before he heads away.

I feel so blessed to spend the evening with a gorgeous group of ladies just chatting and sharing about life.

365 Blessed – 162 – 21st November

Photo on 22-11-14 at 07.58 #2

Today I feel blessed by Eva speaking well at her “Thankful Assembly” at school.

I feel blessed for Hugo sitting and listening to the assembly, which may have had something to do with him not feeling 100%.

I feel blessed for an afternoon getting some jobs done and clearing my mind.

I feel blessed by these gorgeous flowers that are making me smile.