365 Blessed – 198 – 27th December



Today I feel blessed by a visit from a friend for a coffee that turned into 2 hours of chatting non-stop.

I feel blessed by the fun that Eva and Hugo had with remote control cars today.  Zooming around and improving skills at each outing.

I feel blessed by an evening scooter session to show how much their riding skills have improved while we were traveling.

365 Blessed – 195 – Christmas Eve


Today we feel blessed to be united with Eva and Hugo once again.

I feel blessed to have had a yummy breakfast in the city followed by getting into the Christmas spirit in Melbourne and to catch the train back home.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve service at Gran and Pop’s church.

365 Blessed – 191 – 20th December


Today we were blessed by a safe journey to Inle Lake via plane and a 1hr ride in a 4WD on some bumpy and windy roads.

We were blessed with an afternoon boat trip on Inle Lake to see local life and appreciate the sunset from our boat.

We were blessed to enjoy conversation, wine and dinner with a hotel friend from NZ who is based here in Inle.

365 Blessed – 190 – 19th December



Today we feel incredibly blessed to have experienced an amazing hot air balloon flight over the temples of Bagan.  So special and such a treat.

We feel blessed that Andrew was well enough to enjoy the balloon flight this morning.

I feel blessed that we had two electric bikes this afternoon which meant that Andrew could explore further temples while I relaxed.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a wine with my lovely husband at sunset.