365 Blessed – 226 – 24th January

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Today I feel blessed by a day of adventure with Daddy by our side.

I feel blessed by watching Hugo and Eva both get something different out of the Tyrannosaur exhibition at Te Papa.

I feel blessed to have had Andrew and I peddaling as a team on the Gator bike around Wellington Harbour today.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed lunch on beanbags in the glorious sunshine.

I feel blessed to have ended up at a yummy place for dinner just as meltdowns were beginning and threatening to ruin our evening.


365 Blessed – 225 – 23rd January

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Today I feel blessed to have enjoyed some reading while the children enjoyed playgrounds around Wellington Harbour.

I feel blessed by an adventure on the gator bike when I successfully peddled us for 30 minutes!

I feel blessed by refreshing icecream to refresh on this warm day.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a visit to the beach this afternoon.

I feel blessed that Hugo seems to be fine after falling off a chair at dinner tonight.

 Today I feel blessed to have some lovely bright parts to a day that also had some challenging moments as we settled into holiday routine in a hotel with Daddy working!

365 Blessed – 224 – 22nd January


Today I feel blessed by a slow morning at home.

I feel blessed by a safe journey to Wellington to enjoy a long weekend here.

I feel blessed to have such confident and keen travelling companions in the children.

I feel blessed to play card games in the sunshine with Eva this afternoon.

365 Blessed – 223 – 21st January


Today I feel blessed that Eva’s temperature and cough upon waking didn’t develop into anything more sinister but sadly meant the cancellation of a much looked forward to playdate.

I feel blessed by doing a thorough tidy and clean of the house and feeling like it has returned to normal after our time away.

I feel blessed by the warm weather that means lots of time outside to feel refreshed.

I feel blessed by another successful meal with new recipe tonight.

I feel blessed by a large haul of inspiring and informative books from the library all for free.

365 Blessed – 222 – 20th January

Today I feel blessed to have created a delicious dinner that Andrew and I enjoyed and the children at least tasted!

I feel blessed by two fresh and clean children’s bedrooms which resulted in a couple of bags dropped off to the op shop and a couple of bags rehomed to a friend.  Yay for decluttering!

I feel blessed that Hugo’s prayer before tea tonight included “Thank you God for the box that Mummy brought home”.  It was worth carrying the rather large mower box home from the shop at the end of the street after my morning walk.

365 Blessed – 220 – 18th January



Today I felt blessed by a return to our church after a long break.  So good to be back with fabulous music and inspiring words.

Today we were blessed to see and hear Andrew enjoy a bungy jump from the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


I was blessed to watch a family project to prepare and oil a new desk for our home.