365 Blessed – 254 – 22nd February

Today I feel blessed by a nearly-4-year-old teaching me to trust my instinct when he needed a cuddle during church and promptly fell asleep and was much more fun to be with after that!

We felt blessed by family BBQ lunch in the sunshine.


We felt blessed by a lovely movie afternoon on the lounge followed by a family snuggle on the trampoline before bed.

I feel blessed by a phone call by a friend checking in with me after an overflowing few days.

365 Blessed – 253 – 21st February

Today we were blessed to enjoy a family bike ride using our car bike rack for the first time.  I was blessed to discover that Eva and I are a good team just taking our time together!

I was blessed to enjoy a gorgeous mango/strawberry cheesecake while lunching with a friend.

I feel blessed to see my children so kindly and willingly sharing their toys and I feel super blessed by the opportunity that the trampoline brings to expend the energy of small people.

We were blessed to enjoy a yummy date night dinner together which was much enjoyed after a busy few days.

365 Blessed – 251 – 19th February


Today I feel blessed to have enjoyed a morning at West Lynn Garden to explore their Butterfly House with hundreds of Monarch Butterflies fluttering around us.


I feel blessed to have Gabby here to make these groovy cactus pots and plant the cactus’ while I enjoyed having a hairdresser appointment in peace!


I feel blessed to have friends around to play on the trampoline and enjoy a balmy evening in the sunshine.

I feel blessed to be able to show God’s love to a family at their time of need.

365 Blessed – 249 – 17th February


Today I feel blessed by a visit to a very sensible GP who helped Eva and I to understand more about her breathing and to teach us some new techniques to improve our breathing.

I feel blessed by a sleep for Eva this afternoon when her body was needing rest and recovery from a virus.

I feel blessed by a quiet day at home after an interrupted night’s sleep.

I feel blessed by this gorgeous tea drinking boy.

365 Blessed – 248 – 16th February


Today I feel blessed to see Eva receive a phone call from her friend and to hear her chatting away.


I was blessed to see the children enjoying some Dinosaur Goo to keep them occupied this afternoon.


This evening we were blessed to create a bunk room for Eva and Hugo who had been asking to sleep in the same room.  It was lovely to see them so excited and so keen to be helpers.

365 Blessed – 247 – 15th February


Today we were blessed to have a home day with two children needing rest with runny noses and temperatures.

We were blessed to find a Monarch Butterfly on our doorstep this morning for us to explore and learn about.


I feel blessed that Daddy got lots of odd jobs done with the cutest helper by his side.


I feel blessed that the trampoline was used by all today and that Nanny and Grandpa were able to see it in action via Skype.

365 Blessed – 247 – 14th February


Today we feel blessed by the installation of an early birthday present for Hugo from Nanny and Grandpa.

I feel blessed by the hours of fun and movement and energy burning that this is going to bring to our home.

I feel blessed to have a husband who was super talented in making the contents of 3 boxes into a trampoline.

14.1-1I feel blessed to have children who believe that boxes can be anything.  Here is a jet boat for example.

365 Blessed – 246 – 13th February


Today I feel blessed by a fun hour at a shady playground with new equipment playing space ships and aliens.

I feel blessed by a smooth cookathon for Bellyful where I got to have cuddles with a little person while my children happily played.


I feel blessed by a fun family outing to enjoy a free screening of Frozen and Movies in the Park.