365 Blessed – 289 – 29th March


Today I feel blessed to have enjoyed a sleep in thanks to my lovely husband.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a fabulous service at church including a snuggly 4 year old on my lap.

I feel blessed to see Eva and Hugo enjoying the cricket in the safety of our own home (away from any Kiwis).

365 Blessed – 287 – 27th March


This morning we were blessed to discover a second chrysalis hanging off the house from a caterpillar that went missing over the weekend.


I feel blessed by quiet lego play.  Something that has just clicked with these two.


I feel blessed to have Andrew home to co parent this evening after a long week of work obligations for him.

I feel blessed to watch Andrew and his helpers do some repairs to the stairs.

365 Blessed – 286 – 26th March


I feel blessed by the enthusiasm of Hugo to help Daddy to his scooter early this morning using his new headlamp.


Today we feel blessed by an early morning discovery of a chrysalis on our swan plant and a newly hatched caterpillar on the same plant.


I felt blessed by some spontaneous easter egg painting this afternoon.  Hugo’s are all black but it’s still art.

I felt blessed to be in a meeting with women who were encouraging and supportive this evening.

365 Blessed – 285 – 25th March


Today I feel blessed by several sets of helping hands available to make raspberry bites today.


I feel blessed by the caterpillar on our swan plant starting to pupate!

I feel blessed by an afternoon at the movies with friends followed by dinner.

365 Blessed – 284 – 24th March


Today I feel blessed to find that Hugo was the first child to arrive at kindy (this is a surprise event on my behalf, not his, as he was waiting by the car for 30 minutes).

I feel blessed that Hugo told “the whole world” (according to him) that he was four today so excited is he that he is a big boy now.

I feel blessed to see Eva enjoying a new handwriting book today.


I feel blessed that we are apparently hatching a saltwater crocodile on our dining table, especially after measuring on our lounge room floor how long they can grow.

I feel blessed that we found a lovely new naturopath who explained stuff really well to Eva.

I feel blessed by a lovely yoga class for Eva and another bag of gorgeous library books for Hugo and I while we waited.

365 Blessed – 283 – 23rd March

Butterfly House, February 2015

Butterfly House, February 2015

Today I feel blessed to have had a smooth airport drop off for Nanny and Grandpa who returned to Australia early this morning.

I feel blessed to have a sunny day to get lots of washing out and dried and even ironed!

I feel blessed to have shared my thoughts with supportive people today who agreed with my sentiments.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a walk around the park this afternoon watching Eva and Hugo on their wheels getting more confident.

365 Blessed – 282 – 22nd March


Today I feel blessed by breakfast prepared by Andrew and served on the front deck overlooking the beach.


I feel blessed by these two coming back refreshed by and Eva and Daddy date on the water bobbing over the waves and landing on cute little beaches.


I feel blessed that Eva was able to reduce her significant shell collection to just one (overflowing) bucket!


We feel blessed by Hugo’s enthusiasm for his birthday surprise waiting for him at home this evening.

365 Blessed – 281 – 21st March




Today we were blessed to celebrate Hugo’s fourth Birthday with early morning lego making while wearing a head torch, at the beach, afternoon tea at a cafe, cupcakes on the front deck wearing birthday pjs and backyard tree climbing.

It was a fun and busy day celebrating a fun loving, always on the go, gorgeous son, brother and grandson!

365 Blessed – 280 – 20th March


Today we feel blessed by a safe journey to Oakura Bay in Northland for a long weekend away.

Hugo and Eva feel blessed by the rope swing at the bach (holiday house).


We feel blessed by an afternoon in the sun at the beach on our front doorstep.


Hugo feels blessed by all the rocks to collect and bury.


Eva feels blessed by the many seashells to collect and ponder over.


Hugo feels blessed by lots of drift wood to drag and collect.