Our Family

Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about us! The story of this blog belongs to Andrew, Marnie, Eva and Hugo.

In April 2013 we relocated to Auckland, New Zealand from Melbourne, Australia.

Eva is 6 years old and is full of questions, loves loud, colourful clothes, being loud and any art and craft activity.  Eva is very empathetic and is keen to learn more about the people and world around her.  We are enjoying a journey into homeschooling as of February 2015.

Hugo is nearly 4 years old and is a climber, a talker, very cheeky, must always be carrying his favourite object of the day and just adores his sister.  His questions are becoming more involved and it’s great to watch his thought processes coming out in sentences these days.  He enjoys going to kindy.



Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Eva was born at 25 weeks gestation in November 2008.  We wrote about her hospital stay and life since her homecoming at Eva’s Story.  She is an amazingly strong-willed little girl with a great story about her struggles at the start of life.  We are blessed that she is doing so well developmentally she just needs to grow a little faster (still)!

Hugo was born at 33 weeks gestation in March 2011.  He came home after 3 weeks in hospital.  Hugo is developing just perfectly for which we are blessed.

Our Fields of Gold is a place for Marnie to write about the goings-on of our family life and to write about all sorts of other issues that come to mind.  We also love to take photos which you can see at Flickr.

On June 1st 2013 Marnie begun a 365 Grateful project.  The idea is to document with words and photos something to be grateful for each day for a year.

On June 3rd 2014 Marnie begun to document daily as a 365 Blessed blog post to remember daily what our blessings.

 Here’s hoping it’s fun and bring smiles to those who read it.

2 thoughts on “Our Family

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  2. Dear Andrew, Marnie, Eva and Hugo in New Zealand,

    Thank you so much for letting us take part of your family life and for sharing all your wonderful photos!

    My name is Soley Omarsdottir and I work as a pediatrician at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been doing clinical research on maternal milk feedings in preterm infants and will defend my thesis at the Karolinska Institute in October.

    I have followed the journey of Eva on Flickr and I wonder if I can contact you regarding the use of one of your pictures.


    Soley Omarsdottir

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