365 Blessed – 341 – 20th May

Today I feel blessed by a full but enjoyable day.

I feel blessed by a fun ski lesson for Eva and I and a return to kindy for Hugo with several pieces of art.

I feel blessed by an afternoon at playgroup with fellow homeschoolers involving woodwork, barrel swings, and hot glue guns.

365 Blessed – 340- 19th May

Today I feel blessed by a sleep in for Hugo who isn’t feeling great.

I feel blessed by a quiet morning and a great and inspirational appointment with the naturopath.

I feel blessed by a visit from a friend.

I feel blessed by yoga for Eva and a library visit for Hugo and I.

I feel blessed by Andrew’s safe return in time for book reading this evening.

365 Blessed – 335 – 14th May


Today we were blessed by a morning at Titirangi Beach exploring and chatting with other homeschool families and blessed to leave just as the heavy rain started.


I feel blessed to have two enthusiastic cherubs keen to start their “The Sea” project books after so much interest on holiday.

I feel blessed to have made and to be enjoying a yummy peppermint cream (https://wholefoodsimply.com/peppermint-creams/) tonight.  So good!

365 Blessed – 334 – 13th May


Today I feel blessed by some fun hot glue gun action creating the some Fiji memory art.


I feel blessed by relatively painless hair unbraiding and for a girl who is so excited to have crimped hair when it is normally straight.

I feel blessed by some time in the garden in the sunshine.

365 Blessed – 333 – 12th May


Today I feel blessed by time with Eva including planning for a coral/sea shell art and a painting about her snorkelling with Daddy.


Mama: You can finish your kindy snack box if you are hungry


Mama: Maybe you would like to come and have a cuddle because I think that you might be tired

Hugo: I AM NOT TIRED!!!!

Mama walks away and looks over 2 minutes later to see Hugo asleep on the dining room floor where he last was.  Clearly he was not tired, what was I thinking?

365 Blessed – 332 – 11th May


Today I feel blessed by a morning with fabulous women where I managed to pass the whole time cuddling tiny babies while my children were happily playing in another room.

I feel blessed by cooperative children coming on the many errands that were required to catch up after a holiday.

I actually felt blessed to be in the kitchen cooking nourishing food for us, especially seeing as I had a handsome helper.