365 Blessed – 348 – 27th May

Marnie and Gram on Christmas Day

Today I feel blessed by the memories of a passionate and committed matriarch of our family, my Grandma, who passed away peacefully this morning.

I feel blessed by a special afternoon out with Eva and Hugo.

I feel blessed by a family yoga class where I did achieve the stretching of yoga but not quite the relaxation while my two cherubs joined me.

I feel blessed by lots of book reading under the covers and an early evening on a cold, cold day.


365 Blessed – 337 – 16th May

Today I feel blessed by a family bike riding outing in the Autumn sunshine.

I feel blessed by a day of family time and yummy tea made by Andrew.

I feel blessed by finding a delicious chocolate pudding recipe!

365 Blessed – 321 – 30th April


Today I feel blessed for a gorgeous sunrise at the beach with Eva and Hugo.

We feel blessed by time for a massage while the cherubs enjoyed kids club.

I feel blessed by exercise while enjoying listening to a new podcast.


I feel blessed by the fun time that Eva and Hugo had with Daddy on the Aqua Trike today.

I feel blessed by a dinner of fish and chips by the sea and a ride on the Bula Bus with the children.

365 Blessed – 317 – 26th April

Today I feel blessed by a morning of efficiency and team work to get jobs dones around the house.

I feel amazingly blessed by heading off on a family holiday to Fiji for some relaxation and to celebrate the wedding of Miss Jo and Shane.

I feel blessed to feel the sand under my feet and the warmth in the air upon arrival.

365 Blessed – 309 – 18th April

We feel blessed to see a gorgeous rainbow outside our home this morning.  I love how many rainbows appear in Auckland at this time of year.


Today we feel blessed to see this newly emerged butterfly drying out in the sun and then flying away over our heads.

I feel blessed by a clothes shopping for children with the assistance of Andrew.  It was helpful to have another adult to offer options and it was helpful to have children who agree to clothes to wear this season.

We feel blessed by a council hard refuse collection when the stuff that we put out lasted there not a minute. So much entertainment watching people going past all day!


We feel blessed by a new car for our family.

365 Blessed – 282 – 22nd March


Today I feel blessed by breakfast prepared by Andrew and served on the front deck overlooking the beach.


I feel blessed by these two coming back refreshed by and Eva and Daddy date on the water bobbing over the waves and landing on cute little beaches.


I feel blessed that Eva was able to reduce her significant shell collection to just one (overflowing) bucket!


We feel blessed by Hugo’s enthusiasm for his birthday surprise waiting for him at home this evening.

365 Blessed – 281 – 21st March




Today we were blessed to celebrate Hugo’s fourth Birthday with early morning lego making while wearing a head torch, at the beach, afternoon tea at a cafe, cupcakes on the front deck wearing birthday pjs and backyard tree climbing.

It was a fun and busy day celebrating a fun loving, always on the go, gorgeous son, brother and grandson!

365 Blessed – 280 – 20th March


Today we feel blessed by a safe journey to Oakura Bay in Northland for a long weekend away.

Hugo and Eva feel blessed by the rope swing at the bach (holiday house).


We feel blessed by an afternoon in the sun at the beach on our front doorstep.


Hugo feels blessed by all the rocks to collect and bury.


Eva feels blessed by the many seashells to collect and ponder over.


Hugo feels blessed by lots of drift wood to drag and collect.

365 Blessed – 278 – 18th March


Today we all felt blessed to visit Hugo at kindy to see him celebrate his birthday (a few days early) with his teachers and friends.


I felt blessed to see Nanny and Eva working together on a new workbook enthusiastically before breakfast.

I felt blessed to have Nanny here to look after an unwell Eva so that I could go to my ski lesson.

I felt blessed to get some shopping done this afternoon for a special birthday boy, by myself.

365 Blessed – 277 – 17th March


Today I feel blessed to have enjoyed a visit to the Auckland Zoo.

I feel blessed to have seen Hugo accompany Eva and Grandpa to feed the giraffe for the first time (after several attempts on previous visits).

I feel blessed that we all survived intact and that there was wine given Hugo’s addiction to climbing and running today.