365 Blessed – 351 – 30th May

Today I feel blessed by a busy and productive day.

I feel blessed by alternating care of a house full of children with a friend so that we could each have time to ourselves.

I feel blessed by sunshine and a trampoline which meant lots of outside time for the children today.

I feel blessed by receiving lots of photos of Gram from the various family members and noting that her hair doesn’t change while everyone else has many hair style changes!

365 Blessed – 344 – 23rd May

Today I feel blessed by some fantastic quiet play inside today by Eva and Hugo when outside was rainy and windy.

I feel very blessed by a visit to the acupuncturist for me.

I feel blessed by a restful day for Andrew.

I feel blessed by a playdate this afternoon to give Andrew some peace and get us out of the house.

I feel blessed by yummy dinner and dessert to finish off the day.

365 Blessed – 342 – 21st May


Today I feel blessed by a fun session at Mindlab (www.themindlab.com) where Eva enjoyed working with others to make circuits and switches.

I feel blessed by a morning with Hugo and I hanging out and my squeezing in some reading and planning.

I feel blessed by an afternoon at the Museum checking out the sea exhibitions, the dinosaurs and the shop!

I feel really blessed that Andrew is safe after a scooter accident in which he broke his collarbone.

I feel very blessed to have a friend who had Eva and Hugo for a sleepover while Andrew and I spent time at the hospital this evening.

365 Blessed – 329 – 8th May


Today we felt blessed by sunny weather and a day by the pool to enjoy our last full day in Fiji.

I feel blessed by the many new freckles that have appeared with the constant intake of sunshine these past two weeks.

I feel blessed to by the camera holding assistant while Hugo enjoyed taking lots of photos this afternoon.

We felt blessed to enjoy an evening out to dinner with friends.  One of the fun things about a destination wedding of friends who don’t live in the same place as you is the opportunity to catch up more than just the wedding day!

365 Blessed – 302 – 11th April


Today I feel blessed by a fun family day starting with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Rainbow Concert at the Auckland Town Hall.  It was so much fun to participate and see the instruments up close.


I feel blessed for party time to celebrate a special little girl turning ONE which included piñata time, a photo booth and a gorgeous sunny Autumn afternoon.