365 Blessed – 350 – 29th May

Family Tree of Gram by Eva


Today I feel blessed by an exploration of Grandma’s family tree with Eva in order for her to be familiar with the people that she will see next week in Adelaide.  What fun history and geography!

I feel blessed by an afternoon at the shops with well behaved children.

365 Blessed – 323 – 2nd May

We feel so blessed by a day of relaxation and fun on Mololo Island.

I feel blessed by starting the day reading on the hammocks while the children played around us.


I feel blessed by a family kayak adventure to an island where Eva was able to snorkel with Andrew at the drop off of the coral reef which meant that she was able to see colourful coral and fish.  The look of joy on her face when she was describing what she saw was fabulous.


I feel blessed that we all came back after a catamaran sailing adventure this afternoon.2-11

I feel blessed that Hugo enjoyed swimming with Andrew where the fish were swimming past thus didn’t need a snorkel.

I feel blessed by a snorkelling trip to Honeymoon Island where Andrew and I saw lots of amazing fish and coral while gently moving through the warm water.


We feel blessed by watching the sun set from our beach lounges.


We feel blessed by a Fiji culture concert where Eva and Hugo dressed up and performed along with the other kids club children and other adult performers.

365 Blessed – 297 – 6th April


We feel blessed to have had a safe journey back home including hasty return of the camper van and the unpacking of all the stuff that we took.

I feel blessed to have Andrew who enjoys driving and for time to chat about life while these two had their storybook cds playing in the back.

365 Blessed – 280 – 20th March


Today we feel blessed by a safe journey to Oakura Bay in Northland for a long weekend away.

Hugo and Eva feel blessed by the rope swing at the bach (holiday house).


We feel blessed by an afternoon in the sun at the beach on our front doorstep.


Hugo feels blessed by all the rocks to collect and bury.


Eva feels blessed by the many seashells to collect and ponder over.


Hugo feels blessed by lots of drift wood to drag and collect.

365 Blessed – 253 – 21st February

Today we were blessed to enjoy a family bike ride using our car bike rack for the first time.  I was blessed to discover that Eva and I are a good team just taking our time together!

I was blessed to enjoy a gorgeous mango/strawberry cheesecake while lunching with a friend.

I feel blessed to see my children so kindly and willingly sharing their toys and I feel super blessed by the opportunity that the trampoline brings to expend the energy of small people.

We were blessed to enjoy a yummy date night dinner together which was much enjoyed after a busy few days.