365 Blessed – 349 – 28th May

I feel blessed by how small the internet manages to make the world where I can help with plans for my Gram’s funeral next week and all the travel plans that come with that.

I feel so blessed by sunshine for the first time in 5 days meaning that Eva and Hugo played so well outside today.

I feel blessed by a lovely late afternoon visit to a new-to-us playground and park.


365 Blessed – 348 – 27th May

Marnie and Gram on Christmas Day

Today I feel blessed by the memories of a passionate and committed matriarch of our family, my Grandma, who passed away peacefully this morning.

I feel blessed by a special afternoon out with Eva and Hugo.

I feel blessed by a family yoga class where I did achieve the stretching of yoga but not quite the relaxation while my two cherubs joined me.

I feel blessed by lots of book reading under the covers and an early evening on a cold, cold day.