365 Blessed – 344 – 23rd May

Today I feel blessed by some fantastic quiet play inside today by Eva and Hugo when outside was rainy and windy.

I feel very blessed by a visit to the acupuncturist for me.

I feel blessed by a restful day for Andrew.

I feel blessed by a playdate this afternoon to give Andrew some peace and get us out of the house.

I feel blessed by yummy dinner and dessert to finish off the day.


365 Blessed – 340- 19th May

Today I feel blessed by a sleep in for Hugo who isn’t feeling great.

I feel blessed by a quiet morning and a great and inspirational appointment with the naturopath.

I feel blessed by a visit from a friend.

I feel blessed by yoga for Eva and a library visit for Hugo and I.

I feel blessed by Andrew’s safe return in time for book reading this evening.

365 Blessed – 332 – 11th May


Today I feel blessed by a morning with fabulous women where I managed to pass the whole time cuddling tiny babies while my children were happily playing in another room.

I feel blessed by cooperative children coming on the many errands that were required to catch up after a holiday.

I actually felt blessed to be in the kitchen cooking nourishing food for us, especially seeing as I had a handsome helper.

365 Blessed – 331 – 10th May


Today I feel blessed by the gift of motherhood.

I feel blessed by a morning sharing breakfast with friends and talking about women in our lives who have guided us.


I feel blessed by an afternoon in the glorious Auckland sunshine with 2 fabulous mamas and a total of seven cherubs who kept themselves entertained (mostly).

Four Generations, September 2010

Four Generations, September 2010

I feel blessed by a wonderful Mum and Grandma.

365 Blessed – 316 – 25th April

Today I feel blessed by a birthday party to celebrate a cute 2 year old where my children enjoyed yummy food and lots of play.

We feel blessed by the opportunity to watch the dawn service from Gallipoli telecast onto the side of the Auckland War Memorial Museum this evening.  For Andrew and I they are vivid memories of our time there 14 years ago (when we met).

365 Blessed – 291 – 31st March


Today I feel blessed by a visit to Hugo’s kindy to help with end of term tidying which meant that we saw him playing with his friends and doing art.

I feel blessed by my children’s love of books which means that we have filled two library cards!


I feel blessed by the enthusiasm for our first attempt at homemade hot cross buns.


I feel blessed by Eva’s yoga lesson being held at the beach and including the making of a mandala using what we could find at the beach.  A most relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

365 Blessed – 285 – 25th March


Today I feel blessed by several sets of helping hands available to make raspberry bites today.


I feel blessed by the caterpillar on our swan plant starting to pupate!

I feel blessed by an afternoon at the movies with friends followed by dinner.

365 Blessed – 284 – 24th March


Today I feel blessed to find that Hugo was the first child to arrive at kindy (this is a surprise event on my behalf, not his, as he was waiting by the car for 30 minutes).

I feel blessed that Hugo told “the whole world” (according to him) that he was four today so excited is he that he is a big boy now.

I feel blessed to see Eva enjoying a new handwriting book today.


I feel blessed that we are apparently hatching a saltwater crocodile on our dining table, especially after measuring on our lounge room floor how long they can grow.

I feel blessed that we found a lovely new naturopath who explained stuff really well to Eva.

I feel blessed by a lovely yoga class for Eva and another bag of gorgeous library books for Hugo and I while we waited.