365 Blessed – 350 – 29th May

Family Tree of Gram by Eva


Today I feel blessed by an exploration of Grandma’s family tree with Eva in order for her to be familiar with the people that she will see next week in Adelaide.  What fun history and geography!

I feel blessed by an afternoon at the shops with well behaved children.

365 Blessed – 348 – 27th May

Marnie and Gram on Christmas Day

Today I feel blessed by the memories of a passionate and committed matriarch of our family, my Grandma, who passed away peacefully this morning.

I feel blessed by a special afternoon out with Eva and Hugo.

I feel blessed by a family yoga class where I did achieve the stretching of yoga but not quite the relaxation while my two cherubs joined me.

I feel blessed by lots of book reading under the covers and an early evening on a cold, cold day.

365 Blessed – 333 – 12th May


Today I feel blessed by time with Eva including planning for a coral/sea shell art and a painting about her snorkelling with Daddy.


Mama: You can finish your kindy snack box if you are hungry


Mama: Maybe you would like to come and have a cuddle because I think that you might be tired

Hugo: I AM NOT TIRED!!!!

Mama walks away and looks over 2 minutes later to see Hugo asleep on the dining room floor where he last was.  Clearly he was not tired, what was I thinking?

365 Blessed – 324 – 3rd May


Today I feel blessed by a fun kids club that Eva and Hugo wanted to go to which meant that we had time to relax and then snorkel directly off the beach where we are staying.


I feel blessed to have finished a great book while sipping wine this afternoon.


I feel blessed to see the children create a shell necklace and bracelet, a kava bowl from a coconut shell and a flower lei at kids club today.


I feel blessed that Eva and Daddy enjoyed another outing on the catamaran this afternoon where the most excitement was being towed back in by the jetski as a result of not much wind!


We feel blessed by cocktail hour by the beach where Hugo peacefully fell asleep and stayed that way all night!


I feel blessed that Eva had a last minute call up to help with beachside torch lighting this evening.

We feel blessed to have enjoyed a date night with yummy food and time for conversation.

365 Blessed – 323 – 2nd May

We feel so blessed by a day of relaxation and fun on Mololo Island.

I feel blessed by starting the day reading on the hammocks while the children played around us.


I feel blessed by a family kayak adventure to an island where Eva was able to snorkel with Andrew at the drop off of the coral reef which meant that she was able to see colourful coral and fish.  The look of joy on her face when she was describing what she saw was fabulous.


I feel blessed that we all came back after a catamaran sailing adventure this afternoon.2-11

I feel blessed that Hugo enjoyed swimming with Andrew where the fish were swimming past thus didn’t need a snorkel.

I feel blessed by a snorkelling trip to Honeymoon Island where Andrew and I saw lots of amazing fish and coral while gently moving through the warm water.


We feel blessed by watching the sun set from our beach lounges.


We feel blessed by a Fiji culture concert where Eva and Hugo dressed up and performed along with the other kids club children and other adult performers.

365 Blessed – 320 – 29th April

29-1 29-429-3 29-2

Today I was blessed to have some time in a hammock at sunrise with Hugo that stretched my sore back out just perfectly and made it feel much better.

I was blessed to have Daddy take the cherubs to the pool while I exercised and had some quiet time.

I was blessed to have coffee date with Eva while the boys slept where I did colouring and she did storywriting.

We were blessed to enjoy dinner out with one of Andrew’s Fijian co-workers and his wife.

365 Blessed – 319 – 28th April


Today I feel blessed to have a daughter with braided hair and a boy with a new ball.  Both were so excited about their morning adventure that spoke to both of their love languages.

Collection of Coral

Collection of Coral


Hugo created a mandala of his own


We were blessed to spend the afternoon splashing about in the pool and the warm sea and collecting teasures from the beach.

We were blessed to create this mandala from coral, shells, leaves, flowers and seaweed this afternoon.


We feel blessed for a fun sunset time of dressing up and lighting the torches around the resort.

365 Blessed – 312 – 21st April


Today I felt blessed to be back to one on one time with Eva seeing her story writing about our camper van and the time taken in the details of the picture!


I felt blessed by a friend who turned up with ingredients and taught Eva to make a Portuguese fish dish today.

I felt blessed by Eva enjoying her yoga this afternoon.

365 Blessed – 291 – 31st March


Today I feel blessed by a visit to Hugo’s kindy to help with end of term tidying which meant that we saw him playing with his friends and doing art.

I feel blessed by my children’s love of books which means that we have filled two library cards!


I feel blessed by the enthusiasm for our first attempt at homemade hot cross buns.


I feel blessed by Eva’s yoga lesson being held at the beach and including the making of a mandala using what we could find at the beach.  A most relaxing way to spend an afternoon.