365 Blessed – 351 – 30th May

Today I feel blessed by a busy and productive day.

I feel blessed by alternating care of a house full of children with a friend so that we could each have time to ourselves.

I feel blessed by sunshine and a trampoline which meant lots of outside time for the children today.

I feel blessed by receiving lots of photos of Gram from the various family members and noting that her hair doesn’t change while everyone else has many hair style changes!

365 Blessed – 349 – 28th May

I feel blessed by how small the internet manages to make the world where I can help with plans for my Gram’s funeral next week and all the travel plans that come with that.

I feel so blessed by sunshine for the first time in 5 days meaning that Eva and Hugo played so well outside today.

I feel blessed by a lovely late afternoon visit to a new-to-us playground and park.

365 Blessed – 334 – 13th May


Today I feel blessed by some fun hot glue gun action creating the some Fiji memory art.


I feel blessed by relatively painless hair unbraiding and for a girl who is so excited to have crimped hair when it is normally straight.

I feel blessed by some time in the garden in the sunshine.

365 Blessed – 331 – 10th May


Today I feel blessed by the gift of motherhood.

I feel blessed by a morning sharing breakfast with friends and talking about women in our lives who have guided us.


I feel blessed by an afternoon in the glorious Auckland sunshine with 2 fabulous mamas and a total of seven cherubs who kept themselves entertained (mostly).

Four Generations, September 2010

Four Generations, September 2010

I feel blessed by a wonderful Mum and Grandma.

365 Blessed – 329 – 8th May


Today we felt blessed by sunny weather and a day by the pool to enjoy our last full day in Fiji.

I feel blessed by the many new freckles that have appeared with the constant intake of sunshine these past two weeks.

I feel blessed to by the camera holding assistant while Hugo enjoyed taking lots of photos this afternoon.

We felt blessed to enjoy an evening out to dinner with friends.  One of the fun things about a destination wedding of friends who don’t live in the same place as you is the opportunity to catch up more than just the wedding day!

365 Blessed – 302 – 11th April


Today I feel blessed by a fun family day starting with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Rainbow Concert at the Auckland Town Hall.  It was so much fun to participate and see the instruments up close.


I feel blessed for party time to celebrate a special little girl turning ONE which included piñata time, a photo booth and a gorgeous sunny Autumn afternoon.

365 Blessed – 283 – 23rd March

Butterfly House, February 2015

Butterfly House, February 2015

Today I feel blessed to have had a smooth airport drop off for Nanny and Grandpa who returned to Australia early this morning.

I feel blessed to have a sunny day to get lots of washing out and dried and even ironed!

I feel blessed to have shared my thoughts with supportive people today who agreed with my sentiments.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed a walk around the park this afternoon watching Eva and Hugo on their wheels getting more confident.

365 Blessed – 280 – 20th March


Today we feel blessed by a safe journey to Oakura Bay in Northland for a long weekend away.

Hugo and Eva feel blessed by the rope swing at the bach (holiday house).


We feel blessed by an afternoon in the sun at the beach on our front doorstep.


Hugo feels blessed by all the rocks to collect and bury.


Eva feels blessed by the many seashells to collect and ponder over.


Hugo feels blessed by lots of drift wood to drag and collect.

365 Blessed – 275 – 15th March


Today I feel blessed by a BBQ chef and his chef-in-training making us lunch today.


I feel blessed that we discovered the first caterpillar on our swan plants after seeing lots of Monarch Butterflies visiting.


I feel blessed to see and hear these two playing nicely and independently this afternoon.  A little sibling love goes a long way to make me feel much better.